Calpine’s 2020 ESG Report is here.

See how Calpine gave back to the community, valued its people & remained a leader in energy & environmental sectors during one of the world’s most challenging years.






 Esprit de Corps

At Calpine, we live by our ASPIRE values.

Calpine acts with Accountability, puts Safety first in everything we do, works with a Passion, treats our employees, contractors, customers and communities with Integrity and Respect, and honors our diverse backgrounds and experiences with Esprit de Corps.

Download the full 2020 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report. 


Calpine’s mission is to be the premier competitive power company. Success for our investors, customers and employees means that we:

– Be the best power operator on the planet.
– Excel as a customer-centric business.
– Lead the industry in environmental stewardship.
– Live by our values.


Our commitment to sustainability is not in response to the latest trends, but is woven throughout our past and present and will be a driver for the future.

– Thad Hill, Calpine President and CEO

This commitment has resulted in Calpine having one of the lowest carbon intensities of the electricity it delivers to its customers of any power company. Here’s how:

  • Leading the industry in moving to newer, cleaner, natural gas combined-cycle units.
  • Designing plants to use natural gas efficiently to lower the carbon intensity of the electricity we produce.
  • Utilizing a fleet that consumes significantly less fuel to generate power than conventional power plants.
  • Emitting fewer air pollutants compared to coal-fired or oil-fired power plants.
  • Supporting the Paris Agreement.
  • Advocating for adoption and implementation of the economy-wide Cap-and-Trade Program and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative program.
  • Promoting state and federal policies to achieve reductions in emissions, including a national price on carbon.

Calpine’s Geysers

We are committed to helping the country reach its clean energy goals by providing clean and affordable energy to Americans across the country.

Our Geysers in California are just one example of us making this commitment a reality.

In 2020, the Calpine Geysers:

  • Were the largest complex of geothermal plants in the world.
  • Provided 34% of total generation of electricity from geothermal sources in the US.
  • Produced 48% of geothermal power in the state of California.
  • Contributed to its local economy by providing 270 full-time and 130 contractor jobs. 

People & Communities

“At Calpine we know our assets and our employees are critical in helping the country and our customers to navigate the energy transition to a lower carbon future.”

Thad Hill, Calpine President and CEO

Calpine’s Response to COVID-19

Prior to COVID-19 being declared a pandemic, Calpine initiated plans and preparations for how to keep our employees and customers healthy and safe.

Calpine also modified our benefits plan to make sure our employees were covered and cared for by:

  • Providing testing for all employees who wanted it.
  • Supporting customers affected by COVID-19 hardships with economic relief.
  • Allowing employees to cash out up to 40 hours of PTO for COVID-19 hardships.
  • And more.

Calpine also donated more than $1.6 million to COVID-19 relief efforts in 2020 and matched over $200,000 in employee donations to relief efforts through the Calpine Foundation.

Calpine Energy Solutions tackled COVID-19 by adjusting scheduled quantities of energy & providing payment flexibility to its customers, allowing users to continue to receive and use energy while working through their financial and operational impacts brought on by the virus.

Champion Energy also took several actions to provide economic relief to its customers during the pandemic. These included ​​allocating $50,000 to a program to match donations from customers to defray the cost of electricity service, offering deferred payment plans to any residential customer who asked for one and temporarily suspending late fees to residential customers.

Uplifting Our Employees and Our Communities


In 2020, Calpine offered over $2.2 million in charitable contributions with an additional $800,000 donated through the Calpine Foundation.


We are proud to have had 46% of our workforce at Calpine for 10 years or longer.


In 2020, we achieved our best safety performance ever, with just 10 employee recordable injuries (previous best was 13 in 2019).


Calpine provided approximately $155,000 in tuition reimbursement, $44,000 in scholarships and $3,000 in scholarship and vocational grants to employees and dependents in 2020.


Calpine is proud to be a leader in the power industry, advocating for fair and environmentally responsible policies at the federal level and in the states where we are located. 

Leadership: We are a founding member of the Climate Leadership Council, which promotes a carbon dividends framework as the most cost-effective, equitable and politically-viable climate solution.

Cybersecurity: We are proud to have had zero reportable incidents of non-compliance with cybersecurity standards or regulations in the past three years.

Calpine By the Numbers in 2020

$3+ million

Donated to charitable organizations, community events and COVID-19 relief.

111.2 million MWh

75 plants serving 22 states and three countries with 111,159,598 megawatt-hours (MWh) generated.


Material spills in 2020.


Full-time employees.


Residential retail customers.


Commercial and industrial retail customers.


Delivering 34% of total U.S. electricity from geothermal sources from The Geysers.

55.5 million MWh

Provided 55.5 million MWh of electricity to customers through Calpine Energy Solutions and Champion Energy.